Baby Hair Bows

Baby Hair Bows
Quite often, people can’t tell the baby’s gender just by looking while the baby is strolling by. So, one way to resolve the dilemma of an awkward question would be to have your baby girl wear a cute little hair bow!
Since most babies have very little hair, one way to wear a tiny bow would be one that uses Velcro or a head band bow that goes around the baby’s head.
Make sure the hair bow sits comfortably on your baby’s head and be aware of the soft spots on a baby’s head so you don’t apply pressure on them.
Also, resist the temptation to put small embellishments on the bow as these could loosen up; your baby could put it in her mouth which could be a choking hazard.

Here’s what to do when using Velcro to make baby hair bows:



Isn’t this just so cute and easy to make?


I bet you can’t wait to make one (or several) for your baby today.


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